Monday, 30 April 2012

That was fun Not played sam for a long time and we always have a great chat when we play, Well that was an interesting game I could really get in to planet strike lots of very close up fire fights and piles of dead. So to start off sam used a Planet bomb on my force taking 2 builds out before the game even started (my command bunker and the watch tower) and this also pinned 4 of my units, then he roll for his firestorms and got 8 I was thinking this is really going to hurt but my plan of using multi level terrain in my base paid of right away and most of his 8 templates missed or hit a Leman russ tank and failed to get past the armour, But two hit my HQ and between them they wiped it out. well here are some photos. deployment and turn 1
turn 2
Turn 3
Sam had no drop pods so we used the black pipe caps shown here.
Turn 4
After this Charge by the Orgyns Sam Surrendered with just 6 marines, a land raider and a Predator

Photos of deployment for my Planet strike game vs sam

Hello I will try and do a few photos and comments as the game goes no not a real battle report just a quick idea of how it goes and photos. so to start with deployment and my army list. 2000 Point Guard List Deployment photos
Will be back later after the game is done with more photos and a what happened.
I have my 1st planet strike game tomorrow so I have been working on building more terrain and working on my army list and at the same time been doing some painting on my chaos Decimator its looking good but taking a long time as its hugh about twice the size of a normal dreadnought. I been playing around with the terrain for the planet strike game and have even pulled out the old GW firebase to use as one of the buildings for the game. I have gone for an army with alot of troops and a few russ's the plan is to keep as many units at different levels so they can support each how but avoid the firestorms and close combat units as best I can and make him work for every kill as much as I can as well and adding terrain every where to slow him down. A few pictures of the 1st lay out of the table with my new terrain and the WIP Decimator.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dam its been a month since I last posted, so here goes, I now have 9 finished bases of Smurfling and a half painted Hellblade. Last week I played 2 games of Warhammer (the 1st two in over 2 years) I used my Dark Elfs as my Skaven are not ready yet, I 1st played a High Elf army and won 210 points vs 1600 then I toke on the beastmen and won 235 vs 1600, So a very good start to my return to warhammer. Last Saturday was Salute and I ended up spending £370 on the day, I got some great deals and spent all of sunday building the MDF building I got and the walkways, I am liking them a lot and will be getting more soon, I still got to work how I want to paint them. I also got a Forge World Decimator Looks great and is big makes a dreadnought look small. I am going to paint it in parts before I build all of it as I dont think I could get to a lot of the wires if I built it all. I also got 6 Skaven jezzeils normaly £60 for £36 almost half price. I did have a 40k game planed for the sunday but that got cancelled. I will try and get some photos up soon.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Smurfs a go go

Hello all.

My Smurfs are coming along quite well 3 bases done and ready to be vanished. and the next 3 started, I am going to work on them 3 at a time and with 25 bases to do this may take a few weeks but should look good when done. I am off to wood green again on Thursday to play 40k and to show a friend how to play. I am thinking if I can get my 3 squads of Smurflings done that will give my Tzeentch daemon army 6 painted Troops choices and 2 heavy support in the from of 2 daemon princes and none others painted I have a soul grinder I will try finish so I have all 3 heavy support done and then try finish my 3 units of flamers to give me my elite then work on my fateweaver and my lord of change to get the 2 HQ printed leaving me only fast attack to work on this will take me a few months if not longer at my painting speed but I is a goal and one that will help my ultimate goal of getting "The Exlied" full painted. If any one wants to know the list it will be :-

Fatewearver - 333
Lord of change - 250 583

9 X Flamers - 345
9 X Flamers - 345
9 X Flamers - 345 1035

9 X Horrors + Changling - 198
9 X Horrors - 193
9 X Horrors - 193
9 X Smurflings - 117
9 X Smurflings - 117
9 X Smurflings - 117 935

Fast Attack
9 x Screamers - 144
9 x Screamers - 144
9 X Screamers - 144 432

Heavy Support
Daemon Prince - 80
Daemon Prince - 80
Soul Grinder - 160 320

Total - 3305

+ 195 points for stuff for the Daemon Princes and Lord of Change, This will give me a 3500 point daemon army or my 5th Company.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Smurf the smurfing smurf

Not been on to update in feb as I been more playing then painting or building, Had a few good games down the local GW the last few Thursdays winning all 4 of them, Tonight I have finally got round to re-basing my Smurflings for my Chaos Daemon army. :) (Tzeentch Nurglings using Snotlings) I got a load of model mushrooms and toad stalls off ebay from and MDF bases from, The mushrooms and toad stalls are base coated and the 1st 5 bases of snotlings are base coated. I hope to get them done by the end of next week. (And hopefully my camera will be working by then so I can get some photos up.

Monday, 6 February 2012

A typical thing to happen

Typically I have had a modelling drill laying on the side for about 6 years and not really used it in the last 3-4 years relaying more on my blades and files to do all the work I have needed to do. So when Ox asked to loan it for a bit I did not think twice about it now about 2 weeks later I am working on my hydra model and its got 8 bits I need to drill. O well I will talk to ox about it tomorrow seeing as it's only 8 small bits I may just ask to meet and use it then he can use it to finish what he needs it for.

Also this weekend I have done some more work on the 6mm train track. its slow going but is getting there and I have 80% of a tray ready to be vanished so will try and get the rest of that tray done Tuesday night.

My ban on my self of eBay this month made it till the 6th when I went on to check the price on a card case I got from forbidden plant as I want a 2nd one, I did not find one but as I was on there I did find a load of crates for 28mm games and I ended up buying a few of them.

The deck boxes I ordered for Warhammer invasion have all turned up and I got about 500 free clear sleeves with them so all my cards for the forces of order will go in them and my force of destruction will go in the black ones I got before. I am having to get a 2nd case for the forces of order to go in as the 1st one is packed tight and I still dont have all the decks that are out yet.I plan next pay day to buy the remaining decks.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bits and more bits.

I Ordered a few bits from Hitech Miniatures a pair of resin bases for my Thousand sons and an alternative Hydra for my Imperial Guard they turned up yesterday I also ordered 7 Deck Box's of different colours for Warhammer invasion I have been doing more work on my 6mm train track and my Skaven but not got anything complete yet.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

6mm Terrain

At salute last year a friend got me in to seeds of war Since then I have been on the look out for 6mm Terrain and ideas on how to make other bits, In the since then I have bought a load off ebay as well as started to make a motorway using the technic from this site and a Shaun/Ox suggested I get some of the Track Planning Symbols

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I have finished Doc Doom and started work on 10 Doombots with plague censers.

Add I have started work on the army standard bearer "Captain America"

Still alot to do but he's getting there.

In the Beginning there was ......

The X-RATS started off as a bit of fun for a Mordheim campaign at my local wargames club and I have now started adding to them to turn them in to a full warhammer army. so to start with here are the X-Rats. (The 1st class Painted by Undead Jon )











Taking to the Skys

Well every got army has air support of some kind so I have been working on an air force to go with my Thousand sons and here is were it stands to date.

1 Thunderhawk Gunship at the detailing stage (paint Egyptian style images down the sides and on the assault ramp)

1 Half built Thunderhawk

1 Hellblade from forge world cleaned up but needs bending as a little out of shape.

1 Imperial Guard Valkyrie needs repainting

1 old viper toy to be turned in to a Firelord of Tzeentch (using rules for a marader bomber) needs work and painting

3 Doom-wings (using rules for lightnings) still building

And a little update

This weekend I have done some work on a few models, fixed 2 broke marine bikes and clean up parts of my shadowsword and full cleaned up and started bending in to shape my hellblade from forge world. Thats all as mostly been doing my X-Rats.

I did get to use the Spireguard in a few games last week 1 was a 1000 points 3 way vs tau and chaos marines and the 2nd was a 1000 points vs a different tau army run by the son of the 1st tau player I won both games so the Spireguard are off to a good start to the year.

More Back ground and history of how some of the units come to join Ahriman

The Exiled of Ahirman:

The Exiled of Ahirman started out as a small band of followers and other sorcerers that were banished from the plant of sorcerers after the Rubric of Ahirman failed to work by Magnus The Red, Over the years Ahirmans has captured, stole and conned many more followers out of other army’s and has had many join him hoping to learn from the accent knowledge that he and his followers have gained this following has built to such a size it is now a army in its own right and the bigger it get the more that flock to join it that combined with Ahirmans test on loyal marines turning them in to more Rubric marines has increased his ranks to the size more fitting a space marine chapter then a small exiled force, All this and Ahirman has still kept to little raid trying to steal many artifacts and books of power from across the galaxy but still the ultimate prize still alludes him the Black library of the Elder


Over the years Ahirman and his fallowers have always been on the look out for talent other sorsorcers and Mages whos powers and knowleage could add to there own and that of there Coven many have offered there help willingly or just joined the coven with out a 2nd thought some have said no and they have been reported to the Inquistion leaving them little choice but to join Ahirmans forces or be destroyed by there own people such is the inquisitions fear of Ahirman gaining more power that they would kill there own if there is even a little hint that they may join Ahirman and it is not just the imperial that Ahirman has got to kill off its own in this way may a chaos warband leader has been convinced to kill there own Mages to stop them leaving to join Ahirman normal when all the Mage has done is meet one of Ahirmans men to say no, the elder have hunted down there own farseers for the same reasons bands of harliques are always hunting for Ahirman and any that would help him be it of there kind or others, Ahirman has even tried reaching out to the tyranid Hive minds to see what wonders they control and if he can control them so far this has lead to the complete ruin of 2 worlds and the lose of billions of lives once on the rim of the imperial and once with in the tru empire,

Rubric Marines of Ahirman:

After what happen on the plant of sorcerers and his exile Ahirman has tried many time to repeat his Rubric spell and to find out were it went wrong in doing so he has turned many more space marines some followers and some that have been captured over the long years and forced to serve in his tests thrown this Ahirmans force of Rubric marines has increased in size and he has gained much research in to how to better his spell and hopes to one day restore his legion to its rightful state, Thanks to this spell Ahirman and his sorcerers can take any marine and turn him in to a servant no longer does one have a choice about serving the chaos powers or not Ahriman can make them serve. A few subjects have been swapped with Farbase baile and other performing tests on living space marines to see how there altered marines react to Ahirmans spells but so far the test have been almost exactly the same time after time with a few interesting results, Ahriman take most pride in turning the members of the space wolves in to Rubric marines and has even been know to send squads of turned space wolves back to fenris as a reminder that he is still alive and that they still our him a debt of souls for every thousand son that they killed on prospso

Space Wovles:

Over the 10,000 years since the heresy a few space wolves have turned to chaos some finding homes in warbands most going in to hiding once they find out the high price on there heads offered by Ahriman to use in his tests, Ahriman has never and will never have a space wolf join his exiled but he is not against his people steeling and using there equipment so even tho there are marines in what looks like the armour of space wolfs there are in fact new marines in wolfs clothing, Ahriman is at persent offering 3 times there worth in gold, services or slaves for each space wolf brought before him dead and twice as much if there alive, in one of the great halls of his base Ahriman has a thophe rack holding all the gene seeds of the space wolfs he has collected over the years and once stated that they our the Thousand Sons a planet and until he can make a planet out of the dead gene seeds of fallen space wolfs the debt will never be repayed

Andre The Land Raider:

was once a tank of the Emperor's Children But after a defeat by The Exiled was left with no working tracks or weapons and with all the Emperors Children wiped out was left on the field of battle alone when cultist of The Exiled were salvaging the battle field for useable parts they found out that the machine spirit was not only still working but that it was begging to be restored and to be let fight once more and that it did not care who it's new master was as long as he would repair it and let it fight, when Ahirman heard of this he headed over to the laden machine one of the cultist saying it sounded like it was a lost puppy and stuck a deal with the machine sprint that called it self Andre. Andre was Repaired and later that month fought along side The Exiled against its former bothers when a 2nd Emperor's Children war band turned up to see what had happened to the 1st, in this fight it rushed full speed in to a unit of marines with its front hatch open and then closed it locking the hatch and sealing in side 7 Emperor's Children space marines at the end of the battle Andre Drive up to Ahirman and asked were he wanted the prisoners Ahirman was most please with his no asset and has treated the tank more like a pet then a tank ever since.

The Bushwhackers:

A Gift to Ahirman from Abbadon himself during the 13th crusade, The Bushwhackers were a company of Defilers that fell back leaving Abbadon's flanks open Ahirman and a coven of mages made the daemons move back to there place in the line just in time to stop a counter attack that would of seen the end of Abbadon out of the 10 Defilers in the unit only 3 of them were still in working order at the end of the days fighting, After being in formed of what happened Abbadon demanded that they be removed form his sight and Ahirman Ordered them away to his ship with the War masters blessing.

The Demotion:

During a long seige of a necron strong hold the salamanders chapter of space marines pulled together 4 of its vindicators in to a line breakers unit as the code of the adeptus astartes says to do when trying to penetrate an enemy strong hold this unit was put to smashing down a side door that was fond thanks to a scout squid finding an Imperial data pad with the plans of the strong hold on, as the door fell after many hours of shelling the units were surprised to see a squad of what looked like Thousands Sons teleport right out side the door and move in to the strong hold, at the same time a message on the note pad opened up "Thanks for opening the door. Ahirman" on turning the pad over the scout Sargent fond a Mark Of Tzeentch painted on the pad that no one had seen before, the scouts reported what had happened to HQ at witch point a force was dispatched with orders to slay the scouts and vindicator crews for having helped chaos even tho they had done so unknowingly, As the force arrived Ahirman and his followers exited the strong hold with a few artifacts that they had come for, Seeing the new force open up on the scouts Ahirman knowing what was happening sent a massage to the vindicators offering them the chance to join him and be saved or left to die at the hand of there brothers, At first they said no and then with the destruction of one of there tanks to their bother marines they quickly agreed with this Ahirman and his followers attacked the force sent to attack the vindicators and eliminated it in short order, ordering a quick fall back to a safe hidden spot that Ahirman's forces had been holding to leave the plant, once there the vindicators were loaded up on to a waiting thunderhawk transporter and they made there escape. Since that day Demotion have been kept close to Ahirman when on his quests to find new Artifacts in case he needs any more doors opened and have now embraced the will of Tzeentch and repainted there tanks in the colours of The Exiled of Ahirman.

Rowdy / Roddy:

Roddy was a Dreadnought in service to the Wild Cards Space Marines chapter with a long history of loyal service and a proud battle history but when on a mission fighting a dark elder raiding party his outer armour was damaged and a mind altering drug pumped in to his hull, this sent him on a blind rampage thought the area killing friend and foe a like after a few hours the Wild Cards managed to disable there bother and turn his system on to sleep mode after the dark elder left the Wild Cards toke there sleeping bother to there base and left him in the hands of the tech marines and medics of the chapter after a few days they ordered Roddy back in to the field saying he was fully repaired and good to go, this time they fought a force of chaos space marines trying to steal the artifacts the dark elder had not from the chapels as roddy entered battle a sorcerer ordered a unit of Rubric marines to hold the line outside the chapel at all costs as the spell order was given Roddy felt him self pulled in to doing as the sorcerer had orderd and started attacking his fellow Wild Cards and moved to stand next to the squid of Rubric marines that had for some reason not even taken 1 shot at him the sorcerer watched in disbelief as Roddy attacked marine after marine killing every Wild Card that had been sent to help him save the chapel as soon as the last Wild Card was dead and the sorcerers order fulfilled Roddy felt his control over himself return and at this same point the Rubric marines turned on him and him on them the sorcerer having worked out what had happened quickly ordered Roddy and the marines to hold fire and follow him till given new orders to witch they all did Roddy could not stop him self and by this point was in a fit of rage at what he had done to his fellow Wild Cards and fear at how easily this sorcerer was controlling him, over the next few months Roddy was forced to fight many enemys and done many acts for the sorcerer that he would never have done before this slowly sent him mad and his mind delt with it the only way the mind could and split in to muiltple personalitys one was Roddy and one was Rowdy, Roddy keep trying to free himself from the sorcerers bound and Rowdy wanted to be controlled more and more and to please his new master.

The Rubric Sphinx and The Sphinx of Change (Bane Blades):

About 200 years ago the inquisition set a trap for Ahirman using a full company of space marines from 3 chapters and a pair of Baneblades “His Devine Hammer” and “The Gift from Mars”, The inquisition let lose a marine that they suspected had turned to chaos and unknown to him feed him false information about a great storage site for unknown artifacts that they know Ahirman could not ignore by the time he had been realised the ambush was already in place, But the Inquisition had very much underestimated Ahirmans force and when it arrived they were in shock expecting a hand full of squads and Ahirman they were well under prepared when a face equal to that of 3 companies of chaos space marines and more then 30 terminators attacked the base out of there 100 marines 70 were dead with in the 1st 5 minutes of the fighting and both Baneblades had been trapped inside of the heavy bankers they were meant to perform there ambush from out of the 30 remaining marines 18 seeing the day was lost and there only chance to live was to change sides attacked and killed 5 of the remaining loyal marines and toke the other 7 as prisoners and offered them the Ahirman out of the 2 inquisitors at the base one was killed and one met Ahirman in single combat after a small fight Ahirman turned the man in to a chaos spawn and walked away after the battle Ahirman offered both the trapped Baneblades a place in his force using the fact that they sat back and watched a full company of marines die with out doing any think as a sign they were not on the right side after a few shots from one Baneblades followed by a few internal shots from both Baneblades were the crew members wanting to stay loyal were shot by the tank commanders both tanks agreed to join Ahirman.

The Twin Towers:

Ahirmans home and lab's form back on prospeo now follow his army's around adding the fire power and protection to all Ahirmans followers.

Bike squid (to be named later):

On a plant once held by the elder one of Ahirmans sorcerers fond a small scout party of space marines from the dark angels chapter a squad of marine bikers and a squad of scout bikers deciding to play with this small force he started to call out throw the warp to the minds of a few of the scouts telling them that the marines had turned to chaos and that there had bought them out here to try and turn them after a few hours of following them he managed to have the whole squad believing that the marines were in fact working for chaos and were bringing the scouts in to a trap with in moment of this thought being put in to the mind of the last scout they opened up on the marine squad in front of them killing all but 1 the sergeant who speed away towards the marine camp it was now that the sorcerer reviled him self in the minds of the scouts and thanked them for doing chaos bidding before he cut his connection and left for the web way portal he had used to get to the plant hours later when he got to the portal the bike squad was waiting now wearing the armor stolen from the marine squad they gunned down and offered an oath to the sorcerer and asked that he take them with him as they could no longer stay with there brethren after this and had no wear left to go.

Team Exterim

Was a Bunch of rich kids on the world of neacomauder from the yeld family after spending years training and entering the underhive and scoring a very high number of kills and a great rep for them selfs returned to the surface and demanded the honor of being turned in to space marines, This demand was turned down flat as soon as it was made this sent the Team in to a major uproar even attacking a few of the repeantive of the chapter that lived in the hive and killing a few scouts serving in the area before going in to hiding when a force turned up to deal with them after finly espcaeing the planet they met up with a small band of merc’s heading for the mealstorm to join the forces of huron blackheart and with the chance to become space marines once more offered to them they could not refuse, when entering the mealstorm there ship was met by a ship departing they were quickly captured and bourgth on board and in front of the captain to who they offer there loyalty thinking he worked for the tyeant they where shocked to hear they had just swean loyalty to the wrong leader, the merc’s were taken away to serve as crew on the ship but the captian thought Ahirman would have use for Team Exterim and so bougth them to him, after proving there worth on a few raids Ahirman honored them with turning them in to Chaos Space Marine but did not turn them in to Rubric Marnies as he would normaly do beliving there abilty as Jump Marines was of more value to him for now.

More to be added as I get it done

Up to date

I have been playing 40k since it was Rogue Trader about 24 years ago in that time I have tried most army's in one way be it to buy, loan or use Stand in models but have always gone back to the same two forces my Guard and my Thousand Sons. After all them years I have ended up as you would expect with a lot of models for both army's but never really painted allot of them or gave them a fast paint job just to get them on the table and never really worked out what colours / style to do my guard army till I read about the Spireguard. Now with a plan in place and a colour scheme based on the pre-Heresy Thousand sons I can start really working on my guard to go with my Sons to make one HUGH army.

Start of some Background for the Spireguard and some work done
"The 1st reformed Spireguard" after multiple go's at breaching the elder black library Ahriman come to the conclusion that he needed more power, more artifacts and most of all more men, After a vision showed him memory's of his past fighting with the old Spireguard he vowed to resurrect the old guard force at 1st he was going to start requiting rebel guardsmen and pirates but as fate would have it about this time news come to him of a planet rebelling near what was once Prospero a plan from in seconds and with in the hour his ship was on its way and messages sent to all his contacts to join him there, it toke 3 weeks to travel to the planet with many of his agents arriving first and setting in motion there masters plans, by the time Ahriman landed the rebelling seemed to of completely vanished and the world looked stable again many messages had been forwarded to the imperial saying a few marines in Gray army had turned up and put down the rebelling and then left, since that day Ahriman has been using this planet as a staging ground for his Spireguard and a safe haven for his forces and agents all the time keep the look that the planet is still loyal to the imperial.

Resreach in to the Spireguard has not turned up much but I fond:

Prospero Spireguard

Captain Sokhem Vithara is captain of the 15th Prosperine Assault Infantry, one of the Prospero Spireguard Regiments.

Notable Actions:
Pacification of the Ark Reach Cluster. Usually accompany the Thousand Sons Expeditionary Fleets. Defence of Prospero.

Crimson greatcoats, heavy boots and silver shakoes

Other Info Source: Thousand Sons


I am still looking for more.

I have started Painting a Full Platoon of
Command squad with 2 plasma Guns
5 x Infantey Squads with 3 meltas + 2 plasma guns + 2 mortars + a Heavy Bolter
4 x Heavy weapon squads with 6 autocannons + 6 missle lunchers
as well as 2 Manticores (with magnitc bits so they can both be used as Deathstrikes if I want to)
and 1 Leman Russ (Battle cannon and Demoisher Turrets)

a Taste:

This will be my test force to see how the colours hold up.

This Bright red force should look quite the contrest to my blue Thousand sons and in Apoclpyses games should look really good.

Still need to find more pictures and info on how the Sun's of damnation look so I can work on my warhound titan.

Old Game photos
Here are some photos from games I have played with my Thousand sons