Monday, 30 April 2012

That was fun Not played sam for a long time and we always have a great chat when we play, Well that was an interesting game I could really get in to planet strike lots of very close up fire fights and piles of dead. So to start off sam used a Planet bomb on my force taking 2 builds out before the game even started (my command bunker and the watch tower) and this also pinned 4 of my units, then he roll for his firestorms and got 8 I was thinking this is really going to hurt but my plan of using multi level terrain in my base paid of right away and most of his 8 templates missed or hit a Leman russ tank and failed to get past the armour, But two hit my HQ and between them they wiped it out. well here are some photos. deployment and turn 1
turn 2
Turn 3
Sam had no drop pods so we used the black pipe caps shown here.
Turn 4
After this Charge by the Orgyns Sam Surrendered with just 6 marines, a land raider and a Predator

Photos of deployment for my Planet strike game vs sam

Hello I will try and do a few photos and comments as the game goes no not a real battle report just a quick idea of how it goes and photos. so to start with deployment and my army list. 2000 Point Guard List Deployment photos
Will be back later after the game is done with more photos and a what happened.
I have my 1st planet strike game tomorrow so I have been working on building more terrain and working on my army list and at the same time been doing some painting on my chaos Decimator its looking good but taking a long time as its hugh about twice the size of a normal dreadnought. I been playing around with the terrain for the planet strike game and have even pulled out the old GW firebase to use as one of the buildings for the game. I have gone for an army with alot of troops and a few russ's the plan is to keep as many units at different levels so they can support each how but avoid the firestorms and close combat units as best I can and make him work for every kill as much as I can as well and adding terrain every where to slow him down. A few pictures of the 1st lay out of the table with my new terrain and the WIP Decimator.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dam its been a month since I last posted, so here goes, I now have 9 finished bases of Smurfling and a half painted Hellblade. Last week I played 2 games of Warhammer (the 1st two in over 2 years) I used my Dark Elfs as my Skaven are not ready yet, I 1st played a High Elf army and won 210 points vs 1600 then I toke on the beastmen and won 235 vs 1600, So a very good start to my return to warhammer. Last Saturday was Salute and I ended up spending £370 on the day, I got some great deals and spent all of sunday building the MDF building I got and the walkways, I am liking them a lot and will be getting more soon, I still got to work how I want to paint them. I also got a Forge World Decimator Looks great and is big makes a dreadnought look small. I am going to paint it in parts before I build all of it as I dont think I could get to a lot of the wires if I built it all. I also got 6 Skaven jezzeils normaly £60 for £36 almost half price. I did have a 40k game planed for the sunday but that got cancelled. I will try and get some photos up soon.