Monday, 23 April 2012

Dam its been a month since I last posted, so here goes, I now have 9 finished bases of Smurfling and a half painted Hellblade. Last week I played 2 games of Warhammer (the 1st two in over 2 years) I used my Dark Elfs as my Skaven are not ready yet, I 1st played a High Elf army and won 210 points vs 1600 then I toke on the beastmen and won 235 vs 1600, So a very good start to my return to warhammer. Last Saturday was Salute and I ended up spending £370 on the day, I got some great deals and spent all of sunday building the MDF building I got and the walkways, I am liking them a lot and will be getting more soon, I still got to work how I want to paint them. I also got a Forge World Decimator Looks great and is big makes a dreadnought look small. I am going to paint it in parts before I build all of it as I dont think I could get to a lot of the wires if I built it all. I also got 6 Skaven jezzeils normaly £60 for £36 almost half price. I did have a 40k game planed for the sunday but that got cancelled. I will try and get some photos up soon.

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