Monday, 30 April 2012

I have my 1st planet strike game tomorrow so I have been working on building more terrain and working on my army list and at the same time been doing some painting on my chaos Decimator its looking good but taking a long time as its hugh about twice the size of a normal dreadnought. I been playing around with the terrain for the planet strike game and have even pulled out the old GW firebase to use as one of the buildings for the game. I have gone for an army with alot of troops and a few russ's the plan is to keep as many units at different levels so they can support each how but avoid the firestorms and close combat units as best I can and make him work for every kill as much as I can as well and adding terrain every where to slow him down. A few pictures of the 1st lay out of the table with my new terrain and the WIP Decimator.

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