Monday, 30 April 2012

That was fun Not played sam for a long time and we always have a great chat when we play, Well that was an interesting game I could really get in to planet strike lots of very close up fire fights and piles of dead. So to start off sam used a Planet bomb on my force taking 2 builds out before the game even started (my command bunker and the watch tower) and this also pinned 4 of my units, then he roll for his firestorms and got 8 I was thinking this is really going to hurt but my plan of using multi level terrain in my base paid of right away and most of his 8 templates missed or hit a Leman russ tank and failed to get past the armour, But two hit my HQ and between them they wiped it out. well here are some photos. deployment and turn 1
turn 2
Turn 3
Sam had no drop pods so we used the black pipe caps shown here.
Turn 4
After this Charge by the Orgyns Sam Surrendered with just 6 marines, a land raider and a Predator

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