Monday, 6 February 2012

A typical thing to happen

Typically I have had a modelling drill laying on the side for about 6 years and not really used it in the last 3-4 years relaying more on my blades and files to do all the work I have needed to do. So when Ox asked to loan it for a bit I did not think twice about it now about 2 weeks later I am working on my hydra model and its got 8 bits I need to drill. O well I will talk to ox about it tomorrow seeing as it's only 8 small bits I may just ask to meet and use it then he can use it to finish what he needs it for.

Also this weekend I have done some more work on the 6mm train track. its slow going but is getting there and I have 80% of a tray ready to be vanished so will try and get the rest of that tray done Tuesday night.

My ban on my self of eBay this month made it till the 6th when I went on to check the price on a card case I got from forbidden plant as I want a 2nd one, I did not find one but as I was on there I did find a load of crates for 28mm games and I ended up buying a few of them.

The deck boxes I ordered for Warhammer invasion have all turned up and I got about 500 free clear sleeves with them so all my cards for the forces of order will go in them and my force of destruction will go in the black ones I got before. I am having to get a 2nd case for the forces of order to go in as the 1st one is packed tight and I still dont have all the decks that are out yet.I plan next pay day to buy the remaining decks.

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